Nasim Firdaus –Former Ambassador, Bangladesh Government, ED, BDAWL
Awarded for Leadership in Profession

Ambassador Nasim Firdaus, a pride of Bangladesh, is a strong advocate of women’s empowerment and advancing women’s leadership in Bangladesh. Firdaus has been a pioneer all throughout her career. Nasim Firdaus the country’s first female diplomat in the Foreign Affairs Cadre passing Bangladesh’s first-ever civil service exam in 1977. As Ambassador, she held posts in Egypt, Indonesia and Timor-Leste After retiring from serving for more than 30 years as a civil servant she established the Bangladesh Alliance for Women Leadership (BDAWL) in 2008, to develop the next generation of women leaders in her country.

Sultana Rizia – Owner & Publisher of Monthly Nondini
Awarded for Entrepreneurship

Completed her Study from Rajshahi University. After her study she started her career as a teacher. In 1981 she started her publication “Nandini”. She straggle a lot to run Nandini. It was amazing that time to took a challenge to be a publisher. Her dedication made her able to continue her job along with her general role as a women. She Started “Nandini Songoton “ in the year of 1995. Her dedication made her success as an publisher and Editor. She took all the dilemma regarding her family and profession and prove herself as a leader to break the rule and create something new.To be with the technological transformation Sultana Rizia adopt it and became an online writer ading nd active social media and blogging . She is now living in a old home where she enjoy the freedom to keep her job to be done dedicatedly.

Nasimun Ara Minu – Journalist, President, Bangladesh Nari Sangbadik Kendro
-Women Leader and Social Activist
Awarded for Leadership in Profession

Nasimun Ara Minu, a proud name in country spiecially to speak for girls. She has been a pioneer all throughout her journalism career. She was one who had break the proverbial “glass ceiling” and started to work at nightshift as the first women journalist of our country. She is continue to make strides in the competitive man’s world throughout her writing . She Started her career as Journalist in 1973 after completing her MA in Journalism from Dhaka University. She was full of zip in students politics during her study and actively participated and witnessed of 69s mass movements and freedom fighting in1971 . She was in dhaka then and directly involve with the war. During her long 40 years of journalism she worked with The Daily Sangbad, The Daily Janokotha and many more. She was also the Editor of renowned life style magazine “Char Bela CharDik “ & Bengol Barta. She was awarded as Ananya best 10 award in 1999.

Hajera Akter Lily – Writer
Awarded for Leadership in Profession

She had her own dream to get her own identity and live her own life. Wanted to be a lovely wife , beloved mother and a amicable person to help other to grow. She cherished those since her girlhood as a lovely daughter of her father who was a Judge. She was rational person with a strong personality . After her marriage she had to forget her dream. She got married after her MA. She was not allowed for job and did not had the freedom to think herself anything for her family herself. She was dominated and forced by her partner. She tried to manage herself with all the worse and started to write . Her writing was and is for women’s and their feelings towards life and society. Then it became her world. Once they got a baby. Financial crisis arrived and she allowed to work. She worked as officer at the Audit section in BIRDEM. Gradually she became independent on the other hand her success as writer and officer makes her family life more vulnerable. And had to leave the home once. But she did not compromise her dignity . She is now living in old home alone but her pen are still writing for the women's and their right.

Syeda Gulru Hasan , Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Punoh
Awarded for Entrepreneurship

Punoh is a social business enterprise based in Dhaka, Bangladesh but with a growing group of supporters around the world. It aims to release funds from rarely used and unused fashion items and use these for social projects that will benefit the poor and needy in Bangladesh. Over the years Syeda Gulru Hasan has worked for several organizations on short term assignments (including AusAid). She was also a Senior Executive at indenting firm Binimoy Trade International Ltd and at the advertising firm Star Advertisers Ltd. Syeda Gulru Hasan is an energetic social worker and has been involved in a number of ways with several important social projects, including assisting vaccination campaigns for polio and taking an active part in distributing sleeping kits to 6000 children as part of a sleeping kit distribution program organized by Dhaka Rotary Club and Sleeping Children Around the World, Canada.

Nilufar Begam, Former Joint secretary & Director General of Mohila Bisoiok Adidaptor was present at the program as the Chief Guest where Mr. Topon Kanti Sarkar , President, CTO Forum Bangladesh, Mr. Abdur Rafi, Chief Manager-IT Infrastructure (Business) were present as guest of honor. Ms. Suporna Roy , Local Development Expert, A2I Program, Prime Minister Office, A2i program of PMO, Farzana Khan, Head of Women Entrepreneurship Development wing in SME Foundation were present at the program as speaker.

PINC Vice President, Naznin Nahar, Secretary General, Rezwana Khan, Joint Secretary , Habiba Nasreen rita ,Treasurer, Afrina Khan, PINC, Anuva Das were also present at the program along with others member of PINC.