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Tazin Rahman (Shormi)

Tazin Rahman started her journey in the world of Fashion back in the year of 1999, right after her college, simply with the enthuasism towards the fashion. She used to design and make block dresses for herself which family and friends appreciated a lot. It wasn't until years later that she realized that dress designing was her passion. After getting married and completing her MBA, she decided to open her 1st showroom in Mohammadpur, which she later turned into her factory. At the begining, Tazin has only 2 employees working for her manually.

Today she owns a large factory with 8 productions machinery and over 20 employees. Tazin became a member of the BWCCI in the year of 2010, and attended numerous beneficial courses on business and management, such as UNDP financed designing course in Malaysia, the FOBANA Fair in Atlanta, USA etc. Currently she has many fixed clients all over world, to whom she is exporting throughout the year..